Animatic of Spy Chase and Everest crossing a ravine (homage to Luke and Leia in Star Wars).

Animatic of Bettina the cow getting spooked by Chickaletta and kicking over a cart of pumpkins which bury Farmer Al.

Animatic of Capt. Turbot arriving and unloading his crew of baby animals.

Animatic of Marshall running into Chase and crashing into the pups in the elevator.

Animatic of Marshall getting his feet stuck in pumpkins and sliding across the scene.

Animatic of Marshall tripping on a corn cob and crashing off camera.

Jake rig test.

Rig test demonstrating how Spy Chase’s drone deploys from vehicle.

Animatics & Pre-Visualization

This section contains animatics, animation tests and other pre-vis clips (all created in Maya) made to help flesh out the storyboards and guide the animators.

Lead Animator
Pileated Pictures